My Sinful Heart ~ NaPoWriMo (Day 17)


  ೋღ ♥ ღೋ

I feel Him set His eyes towards me
Offering the safety of His wings.
He holds the truth that shall set free;
My sinful heart rejects these things.

He comes to sweep this temple clean~
Create in me a house of prayer.
Wanting to purge what comes between,
My sinful heart seems not to care.

I eat the bread and drink the wine;
I sense the sin I can’t deny.
The kiss upon His cheek is mine;
My sinful heart shouts, “Crucify!”

Upon the cross, I see His tear;
His agony no one relieves.
Our eyes meet, and I see so clear;
My sinful heart weeps and believes.

Outside the tomb I sit and cry;
Emotions fill me to the brim.
He is not here! He did not die!
My sinful heart belongs to Him!

 ೋღ ♥ ღೋ

NaPoWriMo 2014 

~ Day 17  ~


Poetry: © Skye Alexander, 2014, All Rights Reserved

Photography:  © Skye Alexander, 2014, All Rights Reserved


My first year writing for NaPoWriMo:

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39 thoughts on “My Sinful Heart ~ NaPoWriMo (Day 17)

  1. I felt the emotion from every word and line…my heart happily shed tears, Skye this poem so awesome and wholesomely beautiful. It brings a wonderful radiance that fills my spirit, heart and mind…you know I love poetry, and this poem is far better than any one I have ever written…your heart makes it so! Love you my dear sister…have a lovely Easter! Hugs and blessings to you and your family!

    • Oh, dear Wendell….I can only dream of aspiring to the beautiful level of your poetry – but I am honored beyond words at your compliment. You are a beautiful soul…one that I am proud to call friend. Much love sent to you at Easter and always, Precious Friend.

  2. I’m not Christian but I feel like you took these words straight from my heart. I think this is my favourite one yet :) Its strange how dear you’ve become to me through your words.

    Lots of love as always! (keep going — almost there!)

    • Thank you, Ihsan… endear someone through my words is a blessing like no other. It is within the words you write that your deepest self comes out. So, I will take that wonderful comment and cherish it always. :)

      ((I’m going…I’m going….feeling the strain through…pass the encyclopedia, please))

  3. My dear Skye,wishing you a lovely Easter even as we remember Christ’s death what it means to us as Christians, and even as we celebrate his resurrection. May the peace of God that passes all understanding keep your heart and mind in Christ Jesus. Amen! :-)

  4. Reblogged this on and commented:
    This post is too profound not to share with all of you! I pray it will hit you in the heart with the same intensity it did for me! Blessings to all of you this Easter week! He is ALIVE!

  5. The sin of Judas show so brilliantly through our own sinful hearts. The desire to deny Him; the kiss upon His cheek we place there each as we reject his guidance and run to the world instead; it takes this tragedy of death to believe; we realize that He is risen. We can run to him becasue we are His! He is ALIVE! This is brilliant and I will hang this one on the wall of my study! Thanks Skye!

    • Thank you, Andy, for your kind comments and for the reblog, as well. All mean a great deal to me. I am blessed beyond words that you would consider hanging something I wrote up on your wall….it boggles my mind, actually. Thank you for being such a gift in my world, Sweet Friend. And yes!!! He is ALIVE!! Praise God…we have much to celebrate!

  6. I hear such anguish in these words, Skye. The poetry is beautiful, but the shame behind the words is painful. I’d like to believe that we would not be among those calling for His crucifixion, imparting that traitorous kiss on His cheek, but even His deciples had doubts until the resurrection, until they saw Him after his physical death. He forgave their doubts, their sins, and He has forgiven ours.

    • Yes, and that is why I am so thankful. You see, we were Judas’ kiss…we were among those calling to crucify…..only by the grace of God are we no longer there. So many still are that kiss. As I walked through the scriptures this week, there were so many things that struck me. I could go on and on….I just know that I am human…and I have the capacity within me to be as traitorous or treacherous as anyone. Sin is sin. Isn’t a knowing lie or betrayal of any sort that kiss when we know what we know and Who we know? He does forgive–and that is why I say….My heart belongs to Him. Love you so much, Sweetie….your comments bring me such peace.

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